A staved thumb

In most cases of a complete tear, the aponeurosis of the adductor pollicis muscle may be interposed between the bones of the MCP joint and the torn ligament. Sprained Thumb Article Contents. If possible, the hand should be rested for the first couple of days post-injury to allow the healing process to take place. See Figure 1 to view both ligaments. One or more ligaments can tear Figure 2.
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Thumb Sprains

The ligament is partially torn resulting in a joint that is unstable. The thumb is at risk for a number of injuries including a sprained thumb, because of the role of the thumb in gripping and holding sports implements in sports as well as its location in the hand. But only use this if you are looking for an exact word or phrase, otherwise you may exclude helpful results. If a complete tear is suspected, the physician may order an x-ray to determine if there may be an associated fracture. The challenge is that the thumb is used in most functional activities involving the hand so functional disability of the thumb may result in significant challenges for the athlete.
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Ulnar collateral ligament injury of the thumb

It can tear, but this is not as common as a tear on the ulnar side. Other complaints include intense pain experienced upon catching the thumb on an object, such as when reaching into a pants pocket. Care must be taken to first place the tape on the thumb and then move the thumb towards the index finger before securing the tape on the index finger. Symptoms of gamekeeper's thumb are instability of the MCP joint of the thumb, accompanied by pain and weakness of the pinch grasp. The thumb is unique from the fingers in its anatomical structure.
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Description:If a complete tear is suspected, the physician may order an x-ray to determine if there may be an associated fracture. This content is written, edited and updated by hand surgeon members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Any significant injury to this joint i. Athletes should have pain-free range of motion of the thumb and full strength equal to the uninjured thumb before being released to return to sport. Thumb sprains are common in sports and falls when the thumb is either jammed into another player, the ground or a ball, or when the thumb is bent into an extreme position. The radial collateral ligament is on the other side of the thumb.

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