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The behavioural results of this experiment are consistent with previous studies of memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease that have shown worsening memory performance with delay and provide further evidence that even delays of a few seconds are sufficient to degrade performance. Cerebral blood flow was calculated using a rapid least squares method Holden et al. To examine functional interactions between prefrontal and medial temporal brain areas during face memory, blood flow was measured in patients with Alzheimer's disease and healthy controls using PET. Areas where activity was negatively correlated with that in the right prefrontal cortex of the patients included posterior visual areas and some subcortical regions, including the putamen, where activity was positively correlated with the right prefrontal cortex in controls Table 4. This region may also be active during nonemotional processing of unfamiliar faces Dubois et al. Interestingly, although not identified by this combined group LV, the within group analysis of the Alzheimer's disease patients also showed a reliable increase in the left hippocampus at the longer delays see Fig.
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Each trial in the delayed matching tasks began with the presentation of an unfamiliar face in the upper square of the stimulus array and ended with the presentation of two choice faces in the bottom squares of the array. A Macintosh computer was used to control the presentation of the stimuli as well as record reaction times and accuracy. Brain regions associated with episodic retrieval in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease. The separately determined scores were compared rather than the scores from the combined analyses because having Group entered into the design matrix as a variable biases these latter scores. The amygdala is anatomically connected to all of the regions with which it showed correlated activity Amaral et al. In all images brain regions shown in yellow and red have greater activity during the conditions with positive brain scores and areas shown in blue have greater rCBF during the conditions with negative brain scores.
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The delay interposed between the presentation of the sample and choice faces was either 1, 6, 11 or 16 s Haxby et al. Reaction time and accuracy percentage correct were analysed with repeated measures ANOVAs analysis of variance. The other pattern identified regions with increased activity in the longer-delay conditions, mainly in the prefrontal cortex, similar to that previously described in a subset of these older adults Grady et al. Perhaps the most interesting, and unexpected, difference between patients and controls was the increased activity in left medial temporal regions seen at the longer delays in the patients, despite the fact that these areas are affected relatively early in Alzheimer's disease Braak et al. This increased vulnerability is probably related to the degenerative changes that are presumably occurring in the medial temporal regions, and the cortical regions with which they connect. The human frontal lobes:
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Description:Oxford University Press; The delay between sample and choice faces was filled with 0—3 blank stimulus arrays, in which all three squares contained smaller grey squares. Only one of these areas, the ventral prefrontal region, showed reliably increased activity in the control participants at the longer delays, although there was a tendency for increased activity in most of the regions. Perhaps the most interesting, and unexpected, difference between patients and controls was the increased activity in left medial temporal regions seen at the longer delays in the patients, despite the fact that these areas are affected relatively early in Alzheimer's disease Braak et al. It is worth noting that the role of the hippocampus in this memory task was revealed only through the analysis that examined functional connectivity and not in the task analysis, highlighting the usefulness of this approach to neuroimaging. The importance of the prefrontal cortex for working memory function in the elderly is further underlined by the association between activity in prefrontal regions and better performance on the tasks, as measured by reaction time, a correlation that also has been reported in older individuals by Rypma and D'Esposito Rypma and D'Esposito,

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