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Once her friend Stiles Stilinski became possess by a Nogitsune , she along with the rest of the pack began fighting for him and his freedom. Retrieved from " http: One of the young Hunter's first training sessions consists of being tied to a chair in a in a unknown location and given nothing but a small blade to cut themselves free. Once Chris notices that someone is there he pulls out his gun and Severo pulls out his, its a stand off but before it goes nay further, Araya stops it. Hunters The Hunters are an organization dedicated to hunting werewolves and other supernatural creatures
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As he was getting ready to leave, a tail wraps around his leg and pulls him to the ground, after being scratched on the neck, he pulls out his gun but can barely stand, he's becomes paralyzed due to the venom and he is killed by the kanima. The hunters then played a recording on their phone as part of the training session before giving her a broken arrow with which to free herself. These weapons include ultrasonic emitters to corral and incapacitate shapeshifters via a high-pitched frequency, trip-wires, tasers and taser-wands. Through her instruction, he begins to recite the code to Chris over and over, "we hunt those, who hunt us". There is no description yet.
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You know, the question I had after Gerard first told me about our family? For the majority of the Hunter community, their Hunter's Code is "We hunt those who hunt us," which is often translated into the traditional language of the Hunter family in question; for example, the Argent family, who is of French heritage, typically recites the Code in French, " Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent. Afterward, Gerard had no choice but to stay at an assisted-living facility due to his weakened state. Through her instruction, he begins to recite the code to Chris over and over, "we hunt those, who hunt us". After the death of his wife, Victoria, after she had accidentally been bitten by Derek Hale , Chris insisted that he and Allison leave the Hunter life in hopes of not losing any more family. Typically, once the young Hunter has finished their training, they will then begin to actively hunt supernatural creatures and defend humans, though this can vary among families as well; occasionally, if there is a large amount of supernatural activity in their region, the young Hunter may already have been going on hunts while still in training.
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Description:Grindelhof 29 Hamburg Germany You'll find more than After failing in retrieving Kate, they decided to make a deal with Chris, if he comes with her then she won't hunt Scott and his pack, he takes the deal and they leave to go and find Kate. After moving to Beacon Hills, she quickly fell in love with a boy named Scott McCall, she was a hunter in-training and he was a new werewolf, not the best combination but they got past it. Rather than become a werewolf, he blew his head off with a shotgun just as his eyes were glowing yellow. The time it takes the young Hunter to free themselves depends on the skill level of the hunter in question; it took Allison two and a half hours to free herself, while Bennett took three. She even went as far as trying to kill Scott McCall in effort to keep him away from her daughter.

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